SATURDAY JAN. 21 & JAN. 28 At 6:30 p.m. EST-

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with us ! Watch the Lion Dance while enjoying dinner.


Take Out or Dine In

$239.99 + Tax Serve 6 persons

Price & Amounts of dishes may vary by people
$ 39.99+tax Per Person


紅燒粉絲雜菇羹 HK Assorted Mushroom Vermicelli Soup


燒賣 Steamed Pork Shui Mai

韭菜餃 Steamed Leek Dumpling


脆皮牛柳絲 Crispy Fillet Steak with Special Sauce

沙汁核桃蝦 Jumbo Shrimp in Fruit Sauce with Walnuts

黑椒斑魚球 Fillet Fish with Black Pepper Sauce

蘆筍蓮藕炒雞球 Asparagus & Lotus with Sliced Chicken

冬筍雜菇豬柳絲 Assorted Mushroom & Bamboo Pork Tenderloin

聚滿新年糯米飯 Orient Odyssey Sticky Rice ( CK, PK,Seafood)

新年烏冬炸醬麵 Udon Noodle In Meat Sauce


Year Of The Rabbit

PEOPLE Born in 1963-1975-1987-1999-2011-2023-YEAR OF THE RABBIT

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